DOGs Night was first held at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong in 1990 by the usual suspects in the Hong Kong hospitality scene. It was an event that was one part business and three parts fun – a fast way to unwind and meet others in the industry working and living across Asia. Since its rebirth in 2009, we’ve had 140+ global events and grown into new cities worldwide with the purpose of connecting attendees in a social environment.

Today, DOGs Night is a global collaboration made possible by members of the following hospitality groups:


Craft House_LOGO

Craft House combines the global expertise of consultants from all parts of the hospitality industry with experience in the creation of exclusive hotels, restaurants, private clubs and destinations. This unique collaboration of category talent allows us to partner with our clients to build successful hospitality businesses using a holistic process to streamline brand, creative, financial and operating strategies.


STR Global

STR provides premium global data benchmarking, analytics and insights for multiple market sectors. Our data is confidential, reliable, accurate and actionable, and our solutions empower our clients to strategize and compete within their markets. Our range of products and unrivaled market insights help our clients make better business decisions. But the work we do goes beyond the numbers. Every day, we empower people and their businesses to reach new heights.


HTL Logo

Horwath HTL is the world’s largest hospitality consulting organisation with 50 offices in 39 countries, providing solutions through a combination of international experience and expert local knowledge in planning and development, asset management, transaction and financial restructuring.


Our business philosophy is simple: we listen, then we leverage $50 billion of hospitality transactional experience and deep investor/lender relationships to create and execute capital solutions that work – that help each client best achieve their business’ objectives.